By Jack Martin on Oct 15, 2020 at 04:03 PM

Good Thursday morning,

Tax day for those extensions. Finally a dodgers win…

Last night I was driving to LA at 8 pm and the winds were blowing along the 101 and the 405 with temps at 89 degrees.

This has created an new fire in Redlands, so here we go again. We will see the same conditions for the next 2 days.

Along the coast we have actually developed a Eddie off Catalina, bringing some fog from long beach to SB.


Any fog that arrives along the coast will be short lived, as off shore winds will knock it out early in the morning.

Today the heat wave continues, I think everyone knows by now. It will be hot through Friday along the coast, and through Saturday in the valleys.

Highs 90s to low 100s.

It looks like some fog will cool the coast to the low 80s on Saturday. Still hot in the valleys.

Next week we are looking to cool to normal temps for this time of year.

Have a great day, off to Cabo for the weekend 😊

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your prompt response. I am so grateful for what you did. All through the following rain storms I was thanking you. This is what, in my mind, is an incredible business response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lynn Matis