By Jack Martin on Oct 05, 2020 at 04:43 PM

Good Monday Morning,

Today at my house we are starting out with dampness and drizzle. It is wet out there for some coastal locations. My camera even spotted a raccoon on my steps this morning.  


Today we find some low clouds and drizzle along the coast and high clouds from former hurricane Marie. This is really not going to do much to our weather, just a tropical look. 


Temps along the coast will drop, making it a cooler day in the low 80s, but inland will still be quite warm with temps still above normal in the low 90s.

As the week continues, everyone will begin a cool down, but temps will remain slightly above normal until Friday.

At that point, it looks like we might see the first day since Sept 11th with below normal temps. 

The Friday into Saturday will bring a slight chance for rain on the central coast, but Santa Barbara will only see some drizzle. 

Late next weekend it looks like high pressure will build back in and it will be warmer. Sunday should start another off shore event.

Looking towards Mexico, it looks like there are a few tropical depressions that are going to form at least 1 hurricane in the next 5 days.

It has been a light hurricane season in the west, but it is not over quite yet. We will watch and see where these move. 


Enjoy a start to cooler weather along the coast, valleys will be warm for a few more days. 

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I wanted to thank you and the crew for the beautiful job. The quality of the work that was performed was outstanding and I am very pleased with the new roof.
Carolyn Hirsig