By Jack Martin on Sep 30, 2020 at 03:41 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

Lots going on in the news, but the weather will be as predicted in the past week.

Today is the last day of the month and Thursday brings us the full Harvest moon. This will be able to be seen by all since there will be no fog Thursday morning.

Rise early and check it out. This is what it looked like this morning at 4:30am.




Also I have good news, Santa Barbara county has moved into the Red tier. 

This means indoor activities can open again, like churches, movies, Restraunt’s indoors, Etc.


Amen for that. 

Tonight is the first lakers final at 6pm. It will make fun watching. 

As far as our weather goes, we are looking at hot and sunny as we have talked about for the past week. Upper 80s to low 90s coastal and most of the valleys 100 plus.


Yikes, this is the Santa Ynez valley.


Heat will and should prevail through Friday, then cool to normal temps on the weekend. low 80s coastal and low 90s in valleys.

Still on the warm side over the weekend.

Enjoy the hot fall weather, bring lots of water.   

Lots of reading today.

Go Lakers, Kobe is smiling 😊

Jack Martin

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Thank you Action Roofing! On a ridiculously busy and rainy day like yesterday, I greatly appreciate you taking care of my client’s leaking roof. As a realtor, I make sure to always take care of my client’s needs before, during and after our transaction. It is wonderful to have a great company like Action Roofing to rely on to do the same! Thank you!!!
Kimberly Rockwell