By Jack Martin on Sep 16, 2020 at 02:52 PM

Good Wednesday morning, 

One more day of smoke, then I have some good news for us.

It looks like Thursday we will see south flow from former tropical storm Karin which will push smoke away from us.

giving us smoke free skies for the first time in 2 weeks.

You can see the system in the southern Pacific moving north, also another in the pacific northwest that will affect there weather.


Today some fog, but it is low. Clearing should happen earlier. 

Tonight we are looking at a mild sundowner wind event which should keep the coastal areas of Gaviotas to Ventura a little warmer and clear skies.

Thursday will feel a little more tropical with smoke free skies. Karina is not predicted to bring us any rain at this point, just the south wind. 

Thursday night another sundowner event, more in Gaviota. 

Friday and through the weekend we are expecting some cooling in the valleys due to colder air.

Coastal Santa Barbara should stay a few degrees warmer due to the sundowner winds.

Let’s hope the fires and smoke goes away for the season and we return to blue skies.

Good news in the Pacific Northwest, where most of the fires are burning.

Rain is in the forecast, Thursday through Saturday. 


I am looking forward to seeing clear blue skies again. 

Hump day, the weekend is getting nearer.

Jack Martin 

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Thank you! The new downspouts have completely stopped the drumming of drips when it rains!
Sonja Nelson