By Jack Martin on Sep 10, 2020 at 02:20 PM

Good foggy Thursday morning,

Yes, Fog +Smoke = 🤢 Yuck 

This is what a sunny day is like in Hell. It makes me happy that I will never have to go there.

Fires continue to burn north and south of us, creating ugly weather. 

Did you see San Francisco yesterday.... that was really bad. We have it good compared to all of the folks to the north.


Even Santa Ynez looked a lot gloomier, but at least no ash is falling. In reality, the Air quality is actually good. smoke is way up there and not affecting our Air quality.

Today we will have another one of those days with fog and smoke. Highs will be in the mid 70s. 

To the south, a weak Santa Ana event has not really affected the coastal areas. Still the same Gloom that we have. 


For the weather looking forward, we will hope the smoke goes elsewhere and we can return to sunnier days.

For the weekend, we should have warmer temps and less smoke with more Sun. We will all enjoy that.... 

Not a lot of excitement to talk about here. We will have low 80s with cooler Nights through the weekend.

On the subtropical front, The Pacific has had a fairly quiet season. 

But look at the East Coast in the Atlantic, they Have storms lining up. It will be active next week.

Looks like these storms are heading Towards the warm Gulf water. 


No hurricanes here, enjoy and let’s hope smoke goes East.

Jack Martin 

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Thank you for coming up to do the demo for the Career Fair at Los Prietos. All the boys were fascinated by the chance to see how sheet metal is formed, and to do some of it themselves. A hands-on demo is always the most effective in getting the boys involved. We really appreciate your arranging the demo, especially since you had already put so much energy into the talk and demo you did for the Construction Technology class. The teaching and Probation staff were all impressed by how involved the boys were in your demo.
Richard Anderson Instructor
Construction Technology Program Los Prietos Boys Camp