By Jack Martin on Sep 09, 2020 at 09:11 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

It sure was a nice change yesterday to see the fog and some light drizzle Tuesday.

What a change from the record heat to fog and drizzle.  If you thought that was odd, take a look at the contrast in Denver where they saw 90 degrees Monday and 5 inches of snow yesterday.


For us, we are now starting the next wave of weather. A Santa Ana wind event will start up today from Ventura to LA.

This is going to bring wind, dry air and low humidity. All ingredients for high fire danger from Ventura south.

The winds start up a few hours ago, but have not made their way into Ventura yet.

Onshore flow is still holding, but it will lose the battle to off shore Santa Ana winds.

Mountain winds will increase to 50 miles an hour.  Winds will pick up later today and temps will rise to above normal.

A sharp contrast to the north where the central coast and Santa Ynez are waking to fog and cooler temps. In the middle, Santa Barbara will see more sun today, but no wind.

Temps will begin to climb for all to slightly above normal. We are expecting low 80s coastal and low 90s in the valleys. The Santa Ana winds will back off later Thursday, leaving us with seasonable weather.

Highs again will be slightly above normal with low 80s in SB and 90 in the valleys over the weekend.

Skies will be mostly sunny except for smoke areas. It seems fires are burning north and south of us creating a red sun.

Did you see it last night? Fire sun. Not a pretty sight.

Looks like not a lot of excitement in our weather into early next week. Just seasonable 80s and low 90s, with 60s overnight in SB, but the valleys will cool into the 50s overnight.

Fall is coming to Santa Ynez, with bigger temp swings.

Have a great day, lets get those fires under control.

Jack Martin

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