By Jack Martin on Sep 03, 2020 at 04:26 PM

Good Thursday morning,

We are in the second half of the week and the heat will be building each day.

Today will be the last reasonably warm day before the mercury rockets.

The official heat wave begins in the mountains, deserts and valleys Friday, then coastal Saturday.


Today, we will have a nice fog free day in SB with fog 1000 feet thick in other locations.

For the most part we will warm, but still be in the comfort zone.

SB around 82 and valleys 92.

Tonight is when it all begins to change...

On shore wind turn off shore as high pressure builds in the 4 corners States. Looks like some sundowner winds especially in north Goleta and Gaviota. This will heat up all areas Friday with the exception of coastal areas.

Inland most areas will be 100 and each day it gets hotter through Sunday. SB will rise 5 degrees to 87 Friday.

Saturday the heat is on for all.... 90s coastal to 110 inland....

Sunday, the hottest day.... 95 in SB and hell everywhere else with temps approaching 115 in some inland areas.

Monday the temps start to retreat by 5 degrees, but still 10 degrees above normal and really hot Tuesday a little more of a break, by another 5 degrees. Still 🥵 hot Wednesday is still not clear, we will see how the models flow.

It really does not matter anyway, because we need to get through this heatwave first....

Hang in there, it is going to be a hot stretch with records broken.

Jack Martin

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