By Jack Martin on Sep 01, 2020 at 03:49 PM

Good Tuesday morning and the First day in September,

We are expecting nice weather for the next few days, but look out for the weekend. It is going to be crazy hot for all.

This graphic will spell it out. Everywhere is in red: https://www.weather.gov/lox/

We do have a few more days of seasonable weather, then the heat is on Friday.

Today we are looking at nice weather with highs coastal in the upper 70s and inland 10 degrees warmer.

Wednesday and each day forward Temps will begin to climb each day.

Friday and through the weekend, the heat is on. Just in time for the labor day weekend.

It looks like 90s coastal and 100s everywhere else. 

Ok, it is time to vote for Action Roofing in the best of Santa Barbara and I need your help.

Voting must be done before this Wednesday, September 2nd at independent.com/bestof2020.

Please do this today, so you don’t forget “only 2 days left “. We are in the housing areas. Scroll down and click the yellow button on housing.

You'll need to enter a vote in at least 20 different categories for your votes to count which can be done in about 3-5 minutes.

Next year we need a category for best weatherman 😊

Thanks for your help!

Jack Martin

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Thank you. I am very pleased with my roof.
Dorothy Smith