By Jack Martin on Aug 28, 2020 at 02:27 PM

Good Friday morning,

It should be a great day today along the Santa Barbara coast. We are starting with clear skies and highs will be around 80 degrees. Just perfect weather......lucky me with all my family in town.


Today will be a mixed bag for other areas. The central coast and Santa Ynez will be slightly warmer then yesterday and SB to LA, a few degrees cooler.

All in all a great day:


Unless you are in Cabo. They are surrounded by 2 tropical storms. It is going to be a wet day there.


Now, back to California. Saturday and throughout the weekend will be nice, with slightly cooler temps and some coastal fog.

Overall nice with 75 to 78 coastal and upper 80s in the valleys.

Next week we will have a warming trend starting Tuesday especially in the valleys.

All in all great summer weather. August overall has been hot and sunny, but it is almost history.

We will welcome September and Labor Day next week.

Enjoy the weekend.

Jack Martin

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