By Jack Martin on Aug 18, 2020 at 03:34 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

It is still dark out there and that is a good thing, because today is going to be hotter than Monday.

Yes, if you thought it was hot yesterday, today is going to be hotter. The only good news that I can give you is thank God we don’t live in death Valley.

It was 130 degrees there, the hottest day on earth anywhere in over 90 years.


Today locally, Santa Ynez will be 106 degrees.  That’s just too hot!!!


Additional bad news, Wednesday will be just as hot….As a matter of fact, all week will be around 100 degrees in the valleys. If your lucky it will stay in the upper 90s.

Along the coast is really the only area that will remain reasonable but still hot in my book. Santa Barbara will hit 90 today.

It looks like we will see slight cooling on Thursday, but still quite hot everywhere. I remember a few weeks ago we were talking about the cool summer we are having.

That’s no more.

For the weekend it looks like hurricane Genevieve will bring us at least a South swell. The jury is still out on any chance of moisture here, but it is not looking likely.

If you are in Cabo San Lucas it looks like you will be getting wet. The Hurricane will only brush the coast, but should bring some wind and rain but it will roll up the coast off shore.


Ok, your ready for the day. I will need a nap, because I got up way to early today.  

65 here and 6:23 am is sun rise

https://tempestwx.com/station/26594/  ( Jack’s house )

Have a great day,

Jack Martin

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