By Jack Martin on Aug 17, 2020 at 05:43 PM

Good Monday morning,

I hope everyone survived the heat from the weekend. It was hot out there with Paso Robles hitting a record at 114 yesterday. Today is not going to be any better at 115.

As you can see with the link below, it is going to be hot all week.


Some lighter news is my weather station is all set up at my house, so I can share real time weather from my back yard Daily.

The weekend was quite warm everywhere, with the best relief close to the ocean.

Ocean temps at getting slightly warmer as the ocean is 64 degrees. Typical for this time of year is 61 to 67, this puts us right in the middle.

Today Santa Barbara will see mid 80s coastal and 90s in the foothills.

The valleys will continue to have 100+ temps.

Night time will cool into the mid 60s coastal, but mountain temps will remain warm in the Lower 70s.

Through Wednesday, this really is the story, not a lot of changes.

There is a chance for afternoon and evening thunder storm in the mountains as the heating of the day creates convection in the mountains. Chances still remain pretty low.

The second half of the week will cool us off slightly, but still remain above normal.

Late in the weekend, another tropical storm from Mexico will drift our way. We will have to see how this affects us. Likely some surf for sure for the weekend.


Ok have a great week, so cool and drink lots of water.

Jack Martin

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