By Jack Martin on Aug 12, 2020 at 05:02 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Are you ready??!! Ready or not, the heat wave will transition today.

Lots of Action out there the next 5 days with subtropical weather coming our way.

It is going to be a mighty hot Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Even Thursday.


Today will be the last reasonable day, for temps before we feel the heat.

Hurricane Elise is going to influence our weather. She is moving her way up the coast and is going to bring on the tropical weather.

No need to go to Mexico. Mexico is coming here.

This will be felt on Thursday, with temps rising and chances for thunderstorms Thursday evening in the mountains of SB and SLO.

The heat factor will also creep up, but Friday though Sunday are going to be the hottest day.

Downtown LA. Get out of there.....upper 90s Thursday through Sunday.

Going to the lake, change your plans. It will just be to hot. Triple digits the entire time.

Valleys, same idea. Hit the beach......

For us, along the coast. We will see warm, but manageable weather. 90s in the foothills and 80s at the beach.

It will be a beach - pool weekend or you will want to burn that AC.

You will only heat up next month when you see your Electric bill... if you have solar life is good. The Sun pays your AC bill.

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Ok back to the Fun....

Make extra ice cubes, you will need them.

It looks like this might be an extended heat wave as tropical system are lined up and heading north.


Ok more fun to come on Thursday morning.                                         

Jack Martin

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Thank you for your prompt response. I am so grateful for what you did. All through the following rain storms I was thanking you. This is what, in my mind, is an incredible business response. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Lynn Matis