By Jack Martin on Aug 04, 2020 at 02:52 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

Today we will start a cooling trend. This will be felt especially inland. 

Last night sundowner winds blew, but stayed more towards Gaviota where temps were 80 degrees after sunset.

Goleta and SB had a slight bump, but nothing much.


Today the valleys will feel the biggest changes with temps dropping into the 80s.


Coastal areas will cool a few degrees, but not much change.

Tonight we have one more shot of weak sundowner winds. We will see where they land.

Wednesday should be the coolest day of the week, but there is no excitement in the weather pattern.

Thursday on into the weekend, a very slight warming trend. Temps will remain well cooler then the valleys were last weekend. Coastal, we will not feel any real changes.

Have a good Tuesday.

Jack Martin

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