By Jack Martin on Jun 12, 2020 at 02:13 PM

Good Friday morning,

Today we have a low pressure system approaching, bringing us a welcomed cooler day.

Especially in the valleys where temps will be 10 degrees cooler than Thursday highs.

In the Santa Ynez valleys will be a cool upper 70s today.


This has also brought in some pockets of fog along the coast. Fog will break by noon in most areas, but it may stick around some for most of the day.

Highs today will be around 80 in SB, actually warmer than the Valleys. This is not typical for this time of the year.

Tonight we will have the first of a 2 night sundowner wind event in SB and other northwest faces. 

Valleys will be chilly in the upper 40s “wow” SB upper 50s.

Saturday will be a fair day, Santa Barbara should start with little to no fog, thanks to the north winds.

Some locations, however, will see some fog in the morning. 

Highs will be around 80 in SB and the Santa Ynez valley will be cooler again at 78, and chilly night again in the upper 40s.

Saturday night, another round of winds from the northwest. These look to be more robust for Santa Barbara with sundowner winds.

This will clear any low clouds well away from the coast, bringing a sunny Sunday.

Sunday off shore Winds will bring a nice day with warming into the low 80s. Valleys will warm to 85 degrees.

Monday should be more of the same, highs in the valleys will climb to around 87. SB remaining around 80.

 Tuesday and Wednesday looks like fog will be back. This trend will likely continue the rest of the work week along the coast.

Temps will be in the low 80s in the valleys and upper 70s coastal the rest of the week.

All in all, great weather, except for cool nights in the valley.

Have a great weekend, it will be popping on the 500 block of State street as Bars open again tonight.


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