By Jack Martin on May 07, 2020 at 02:57 PM

Good Thursday morning,

You know what really heats me up??!!, besides the heat from the weather we are having, it is listening to the news and listening to the way some of the press reports the scare tactics on COVID.

So, I have to start with this one today. Yesterday and this Morning, the local news starts out, stating 70 new cases in Santa Barbara county.

Stating the biggest jump to date!!!!

What they mention only in the small print, is 65 of those cases were in the Lompoc Jail.

Personally I don’t count people that are locked up as a threat.

Also, take a look at 100% of the new cases. They are all in north county. NOT even 1 in Santa Barbara areas.


Ok now since I have that off my chest, my Rant is over 😊

For the weather

Today …. Hot weather …. Highs in to 90s coastal and over 100 in some Valleys like Woodland hills.

Friday will still be hot, but the thermometer has topped. We will begin to cool each day.

Saturday, temps drop a few more degrees, still well above normal. Another great beach day.

Sunday, and Mothers day. It will be in the upper 70s. Another great day, with temps at the right highs in my mind.

Next week we should really cool down with some fog and possibly drizzle on Tuesday – Wednesday as a low pressure system drops in from the north.

Enjoy the hot day and most of all stay healthy and COVID free.

Looking forward to opening California especially SB.

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Your crew was excellent and you trained them well. They were great to work with. We are so glad we chose you to do our roof.
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