By Jack Martin on Apr 29, 2020 at 02:42 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Look, it is fog.....we have not seen much of this for some time... 

The fog is around 800 feet thick and will burn off later this morning. 


Creating a cooler day with highs around 5 degrees cooler than Tuesday. 

Expect low to mid 70s today. 

Thursday the sun will return along the coast. It will be a nice day overall. 

However, sundowner winds will return in Santa Barbara area for Thursday and Friday nights.

Friday, another sunny day and temps in the mid 70s, maybe some low 80s inland.

The weekend forecast is more of the same, good weather with mild temps slightly above normal.

Now for next week, we are looking to have high pressure and off shore winds take over.

Monday through Wednesday. Models are even talking about the first hint of triple digits temps in the forecast.

Expect 90s and some areas to hit the century mark.

You will be getting a second email from me, not weather related, but pretty cool.

Check it out.

In the meantime, enjoy the damp start to the day.

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Thank you for helping me on the phone with all my questions.
Patty Rogers