By Jack Martin on Apr 27, 2020 at 02:34 PM

Good Monday morning, 

Can you believe that another month is going into the record books. 

Here we are April 27th and May will be here on Friday. 

As we start a new week, the hot weather will turn to warm weather.

Highs Will still be in the upper 70s and low 80s, but we will shed the 90s. 

Today is still starting out warm, with SB at 70 degrees.

Winds will still hang around for the next few days, but will be more manageable at 10 to 25 miles an hour.

Some fog might even return to our forecast mid week.

Thursday, a weak system rolls though. This will do nothing more than create another wind event behind it.

Forecast models are hinting that another round of heavy wind from Montecito to LA is possible Thursday night into Friday.

Overall, the weather this week will be dry and cooler than last week. Cooler is defined as 70s and low 80s. Still pretty nice in my book.


Have a great week, hopefully we will get back to some normalcy soon. 

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Thank you. I am very pleased with my roof.
Dorothy Smith