By Jack Martin on Apr 21, 2020 at 02:47 PM

Good Tuesday morning,

Are you ready…..for a big warm up…..

Today we will see the coolest day of the week. High will be 79…. That will tell you how hot it is going to be the rest of the week.

The low pressure system that went through yesterday is now spinning harmlessly over Vegas.


This is more Action then Vegas has seen since it shut down….If I had the time, I would drive there just to see it at a stand still.

Back to California now.

We will see temps begin to warm today, and more each day after. Wednesday, we will see a 10 degree rise from today.

Looks like we will see 80s and 90s starting Wednesday and last all the way though Sunday.

The only issue with the heat, will be the wind. Santa Barbara will continue to see some sundowner winds in the evening.

This will warm SB up for the highs of the day with wind compressing and warming us up.

Enjoy the summer like weather, it will really heat up after today.


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