By Jack Martin on Apr 17, 2020 at 02:17 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Here it is. The weak low pressure system is right over us as you wake up. You can see it spinning over Santa Barbara area.


This will push through quickly and move into Orange County this afternoon. 

This system does not have much precept in the clouds, so very little rain will fall.

The best chance for rain will be this afternoon, with wrap around moisture over the mountains.

Saturday, it looks like we will start out with low clouds and fog. It will be a cooler day.

Sunday looks like we will see low clouds in some locations and sun in others .2 to 3 degrees warmer is expected.

It should be a good day for outside activities.

Sunday night and Monday. The next weak low tracks over us. This is now looking to take an inland track.

This will reduce our rain chances and if it falls we will see 1/10 or less.

Tuesday through Thursday look for warming each day, as high pressure and Santa Ana conditions build in.

Wednesday and Thursday look for 80s in many locations, but some wind in Santa Ana Country.

That’s the weather, now have a great weekend and stay healthy.

Quick COVID count breakdown as of Thursday.

Total cases SB county 354.

20 new cases.

8 of the new cases at Lompoc jail.

137 fully recovered.

Total cases in SB county 253 (less the Jail).

Total active cases 116 (up 14 since Tuesday).

Total population for SB county 446,499  (that means .008%  less than 1/10th of 1 percent of the population has tested positive).

The big question really is how many people already had this, before we even knew about this virus!!! ??

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