By Jack Martin on Mar 25, 2020 at 02:38 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Our weather the entire month of March has been quite active.

The next 2 days will be no different, but rain totalS will be on the lighter side.

This is due to the showery nature of this next system. 

Right now the low pressure system is moving into Northern California from Oregon.

This is a colder system with snow levels dropping to 3000 over night Wednesday.


This system is moisture starved so there is not a lot of rain with it.

Most areas will receive small amount of precipitation. Coastal 1/4 or less and mountains 1/2 or less.

As the low drops south, the shower activity will pick up. Again, not a lot of rain.

Thursday will be the coldest day of the week, as the low is over us. 

Friday we are looking for a dryer period to start.

Looking into the long range models into mid next week and the first of April there is only around a 10% chance of rain.

So this looks like we will finally get into a extended dryer period. 

It has been a rough month with rains and the Corona Virus the last 2 weeks. 

Hang in there it will get better.

Stay safe, healthy and stay home if you can . 👍

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I wanted to thank you and the crew for the beautiful job. The quality of the work that was performed was outstanding and I am very pleased with the new roof.
Carolyn Hirsig