By Jack Martin on Mar 23, 2020 at 03:05 PM

Good Monday morning,

It was a good storm Sunday afternoon and through the night.

Rain totals were good with most areas seeing around 1 inch of rain, with San Marcos Pass getting 2.18 inches and Montecito with 1.25 inches.


This system is now moving East and leaving us with light showers only. Showers should taper to almost none in the afternoon.


The low is now over SLO and moving east: https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/conus_band.php?sat=G17&band=09&length=12

Tuesday will be a dry day, but a cold low moves closer to us.

Wednesday a cold low will move closer and cause some more rain. This will not have a lot of moisture because it will be over land with little ocean influence.

Rain chances with continue into Thursday, but accumulations will be light. Maybe ¼ of an inch in SB. North county will see ¼ to ½ Friday through the weekend looks to be dry.

The weekend might even see a nice warm up around Sunday. Sounds like a great day for a beach walk.

March has done a good job for rain totals. We have seen any where from 3 to 12 inches so far this month. Montecito 7.60 inches.


Have a good week, it looks like we will start to see a dryer period after Thursday.

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Thanks for the expertise, good job, right price, great attitude, and timing!
David Eldred