By Jack Martin on Mar 17, 2020 at 06:18 PM

Happy St Patrick’s Day! 

Good Tuesday morning, 

What a great day in Santa Barbara it was on Monday. The test truly came yesterday with Montecito receiving 3.5 inches of rain in 24 hours and all the streams and creeks flowed perfect.

It was close at one point and CHP was poised to close the 101, but the rain began to back off. Romero Canyon received 1 inch of rain in 30 minutes which started the Rise of the creeks and stream.

Today we will just see some showers around the area. Right now we can see SB getting a few. 


Today, Happy St Patrick’s day. There will be some showers today on and off, as the low pressure system cuts off and passes south.

We should see some spotty rain with no worse then 1/3 of a inch.

I say turn off the News, turn on your best music channel and forget about all the negativity being broad cast . It is not that bad......

Here we are only positive. 

Snow level have dropped to 3500 feet and snow fell in numerous locations. 

My 2 year old Grand daughter had a blast last evening at Figueroa mountain in Santa Ynez. 


Wednesday and Thursday may still provide us some light showers, but there will be more sun than anything.

The low has split off to to parts one over Nevada and the other south of us. Thursday Nevada low could spill back into our area, but is moisture starved so if any rain occurs it should be light.

Friday and Saturday should be dry and pleasant days. 

Sunday the next system drops south and brings back the chance of more rain. 

Computer models are still struggling with this, but it does appear we will see some rain Sunday night into Monday. We will see how that one shakes out later in the week.

Happy St Patrick’s Day, make someone smile 🍀😃

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