By Jack Martin on Mar 16, 2020 at 03:17 PM

Good Saturday morning,

Lets stick with weather and leave the other to deal with the other stuff.

Friday was a pretty interesting day with light rain a lot of the day. Oddly enough, there was no rain in Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara got .40 on Friday.

All in all the rain totals are adding up, and we still have only higher chances for rain for the next week.


Pretty good numbers for the past week, and now the ground is pretty saturated.


This will be good news for the rains all next week. Even if we do not really know how much we will see….What we do know so far…..

Today, another damp day, with clouds sticking around most of the day. Drizzle and light rain will stick around through at least the morning.

Tonight a low drops south and will be over Nor Cal Sunday morning. This will bring rain to SLO and Northern Santa Barbara county. Rain will likely stay to the north on Sunday day.

Sunday afternoon and night, the Low and rain drops further south. Rain will start up again on Sunday night everywhere. Rain will bring around 1/3 of an inch through Sunday.

Monday looks like a wet day as the front goes through. Rain continues throught the day and exits LA Monday over night.

Tuesday and Wednesday is still a little in question as the main low stops west of us. Showers are in the forecast, but the question is how close will this be to the coast.

If it is close, we will see greater rain totals. Time will tell us this. Regardless, this next system is going to give us good rain totals on Monday.

Looking into the future…Thursday looks to be dryer….

Then as the weekend approaches, another system might affect our weather. This is way too far out to call at this point, but might give us a lot more rain.

Lets hope for another wet week. If this all plays out how we want it, we will really see reservoir and Lakes rise

Here are lake levels currently:


Here is Nacimiento:


This has not changed all week.

Enjoy the weekend.


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