By Jack Martin on Mar 12, 2020 at 04:22 PM

Good Thursday morning,

Wow what a week for weather and that Virus…..sporting events gone.. Wow!!!

Weather wise, quite an interesting system that has been hanging around all week. It is South of us at around LAX.

The low is going to move East today and ramp up the rain chances again. Looks like late morning, early afternoon we will see wrap around moisture mainly over the mountains, but will likely spill into our coastal areas since they are so close. So expect more rain today…

As far as rain totals go. The numbers have been all over the board, but most have seen good numbers. The big winner has been the Santa Ynez area, with most locations seeing over 2 inches and lake Cachuma and Fig mountain with over 3 inches. I was in Solvang yesterday and it rains most of the time I was there.

Here in the Goleta to Montecito area most locations have seen 1 to 2 inches in total. Ventura and south has not seen as much. Here are the storm total to date.


Friday the storm finally exits. Still some wrap around possible in LA, but here dry.

Saturday is looking like fog, cloudy and possible drizzle. It should be gray most of the day.

Sunday the next system rolls in from the North. This is a colder system with snow levels at 5000 feet.

We will see more rain Sunday night into Monday likely. This is another system that might just hang around through Wednesday.

The weather models are still figuring this one out, but at this point ½ to 1 inch coastal, and 1 to 2 inches in the mountains.

By the weekend we will paint a clearer picture for next weeks system.

Between the rain and the Corona virus, our lives are really slowing down. For those who received the Corona virus symptoms yesterday, Dr. Black verified through Stanford that what was sent is correct. Thank You Bill and Bob for the info that I passed on to all.

Now I guess we just wait and see what happens in the next few weeks. Just one more reason we live in the greatest place on earth.

No cases of the Corona Virus here in Santa Barbara county to date.

Make the best out of your day and Smile.  

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Your crew was excellent and you trained them well. They were great to work with. We are so glad we chose you to do our roof.
Bill Naumann