By Jack Martin on Mar 11, 2020 at 02:29 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

As we all know, the rain kicked in yesterday finally after the mis-behaved cut off low finally moved in. “that Bad child is grounded“

The low created quite a mix of weather yesterday with heavy downpours to sunshine. “I felt like I was back in Hawaii”

Because this is exactly how the weather was there. Today is really no different with the movement of the low. It is just floating out there.

It looks like it has moved a little further to the north and is drifting towards Morro Bay:


Showers right now are in Santa Ynez to Santa Maria. The low will move south this afternoon which will increase showers on SB again. The rain as it has been, will be spotty.

The good news is some areas have seen good rain totals. Others not as good. Montecito has seen almost 2 inches where Carp .17 inches. There is quite a contrast here with the totals over the last 24 hours for SB county.


What to expect today: If we only could wrap our hands around this low and point it in the right direction. We believe we will see showers throughout the day, on and off.

Low moves south tonight, and takes most of the rain with it. Showers will still be in the Ventura and SB mountains Thursday.

Friday looks to be dry as we are between weather systems.

Saturday it looks like the marine layer rolls in and we could see some morning drizzle.

Sunday, another system rolls in. This once again is not clear, but we will likely see some rain Sunday night into Tuesday. We will see how it shapes up in the next 3 days.

As I am typing away, the news is reporting showers for us on Thursday, that’s not what I am seeing, so we will see who is right tomorrow!!!

Here is where the rain is now:


In the meantime, let it rain!!!

We need it and want it……

It will keep us from spreading the corona Virus locked in our homes …. ☹

The entire threat of this Virus is crazy. UCSB closed and no sporting events with zero cases in Santa Barbara county. My goodness!!!!

Have a great day, smile and enjoy the rain.

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