By Jack Martin on Mar 09, 2020 at 02:20 PM

Good Saturday morning,

Wow, when was the last time you saw a graphic like this:


It certainly is a nice sight to see. Bring on the rain……

Today we will have basically a gloomy day, with fog and drizzle. Maybe a little light rain…Temps will also be on the cool side in the 60s.

Tonight the weak low pressure system moves east and we will have a dry Sunday.

Sunday, a slight warm up and we will likely see some sun.

Sunday night the cut-off low that has been advertised for the past week will begin to move towards us.

There still is some question on when the rain will start up. Rain is likely north to south, so rain will start up in the central coast first.

Expect rain to arrive to SLO Monday morning. We will see how the cut-off low positions itself for Santa Barbara. This will determine when the rain will start.

Rain can start up Monday morning into the evening, depending on the position. Regardless, it will be game on Monday night into Tuesday.

This system is going to pump in the subtropical moisture and park off the coast. This is going to give us a good rain event.

Santa Barbara is in the best position to get the greatest rain total due to south flow and our local south facing mountains.

Tuesday looks to be a very wet day. Rain heavy at times through the day and into the night.

Wednesday is also looking to remain wet, with the low hanging around before it moves east.

How much rain are we talking, well the hills may see an excess of 4 inches, coastal like 2 to 3 inches in SB.

This is quite exciting since rain really has not fallen like this since 2020 started….

Enjoy the fun, don’t forget day light savings starts over night 😊

Maybe I can wake up an hour later Sunday morning.........Like 5am.


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