By Jack Martin on Mar 06, 2020 at 04:50 PM

Good Friday morning,

Here we are at the end of the work week, we will see a cooler weekend, then rain.

7-Day Forecast

Starting out today, the marine layer has blanketed over us. Fog will likely hang in most of the day, keeping us cooler.

Tonight the weak low pressure system to the north drops over us. This will bring a deeper Maine layer and some drizzle possible Saturday morning.

Saturday, some light rain can also occur late in the morning into the afternoon.


This is an extremely weak system with no more than 1/10 if an inch of rain.

Sunday, dry southwest flow will bring a few degrees of warming, but a cooler day.

All eyes are on the first part of the week, with a good rain maker setting up for rain Monday through Wednesday.

As advertised, this will be a cut off low, spinning off shore and pumping in subtropical moisture.

This will be a good rain maker with early totals of 1 to 3 inches coastal and 4 in the hills. Especial our south facing mountains.

It appears the low will drop into place over night Sunday and rain will start up Monday morning.

We should see 3 days of rain, with Tuesday being the heaviest rain day.

This is great news for our drought stricken area. We will welcome any and all.

Cut off lows are always difficult to predict, but models have been consistent with this all week.

As we get closer to Monday, the rain event timing and totals will be more accurate.

Looks like Thursday we will see clearing skies.

Enjoy the fun, don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead before you go to bed saturday night.


It will be a treat seeing the light of day till 7 pm.

Have a good weekend.

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