By Jack Martin on Feb 28, 2020 at 03:35 PM

Good Friday morning,

Hope everyone is well. It appears your weather has been warmer than mine here in Hawaii.

Where upper 70s and 80s have been the Norm for you. This will begin to change over the weekend.

Today you will see one more day of above normal temps with highs again in the upper 70s and low 80s.

Tonight a warm night with lows around 60. 


Saturday the changes begin to affect us. We will start out with some wind and cooler temps for the day, highs in the low 70s.

Saturday night into Sunday morning the low pressure system approaches the central coast and some drizzle can start up Sunday morning.

Sunday drizzle turns into light rain. This system is another weak rain event. We are looking at no more than 1/10th to ¼ of an inch.

There is a chance of thunder storm in the afternoon.

Next week we are going back to dry and warming weather. No rain throught the work week …

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend, I will be back in Action Tuesday morning.


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Thank you and your team for a job well done. We appreciate the integrity of you and the team.
Jone & Bernie Fried