By Jamie Graham on Feb 24, 2020 at 03:40 PM

Good Friday morning, 

Well there it is....Our cut-off low spinning over the ocean around 500 West of point conception.


Today we will see weak off shore winds that will keep us mostly sunny. 

The low to the west will remain parked and spinning into late afternoon, then move East towards us.

Today will not feel like a storm is approaching. Highs should remain in the low 70s.

Tonight the low moves towards us. Rain chances start on the central coast tonight and over us in the early morning hours.

We will get some rain, just how much is not clear yet. The reason is going to be the winds.

If we get south winds, we get more rain. East winds will dry the air and less rain. Regardless, we will see 1/10 to 1/2 an inch from this system.

Saturday morning as we wake up, the rain will likely still be over us but as the day goes on the chances drop from north to south.

By afternoon, this event will be well East of us and over Vegas. 

This is a system that is producing lighting and there will be a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon Saturday.

Where these occur, it could produce some heavier rain. 

Snow level will be around 5000 feet.

Sunday, we should have onshore flow with some fog in the morning, then sunshine. 

Monday through next Thursday, we are back to a dry pattern with no more rain in sight. Just some wind and pressure changes from onshore to off shore winds at times.

Do we remember what rain is? It has been awhile. 

Enjoy what we receive, and it’s TGIF!

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