By Jack Martin on Feb 20, 2020 at 03:25 PM

Another day with lots of 2s and 0s .... and guess what !!!!

It is going to Rain ...... 

yes, after a very long dry spell we are finally going to see some rain. Over night Friday: 


Let’s start with today, sunny and off shore winds. Another nice day. 

Friday more of the same, the low pressure system that is moving in will hold off until overnight. 

Friday night, the cut off low we have been talking about for almost a week is looking to behave as we wanted it to.

It is now looking to spin off shore and pull in some moisture off the ocean. This will result in enhanced south winds and rain is likely. 

Rain will start after midnight and the low pressure system will move East into vegas Saturday afternoon.

What all this means is we are going to see rain for the first time in February.

How much? Well around 1/4 of an inch for most, but coastal areas and Santa Barbara mountains can see 1/2 inch due to the southern rotation.

Saturday afternoon it all goes East and we are back to sunny weather.

Sunday through Wednesday, it looks like high pressure and off shore winds return. 

We will also see some rain during the period. 

Ok it looks like we will see a 1 hit wonder of rain, then back to dry... 

Enjoy....some great 1 hit wonders..... 






You don’t get this from any other weather forecast 😃

Ok these guys were not a 1 hit wonder, but good song of California dreamers:


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