By Jack Martin on Feb 17, 2020 at 03:06 PM

Good Saturday morning, 

I hope everyone had a Good Friday night and Valentine’s Day.

Driving down Milpas street was a Sea of red, with flowers, stuffed animals to Red dresses on display.

I think there was someone on just about every corner selling flowers on my drive home. 

We Will be starting a 3 day holiday today. Yes, if you did not know, Monday is Presidents’ Day.

We will see warm weather through the weekend and into next week. 

Highs will be in the low 70s and lows in the valleys in the upper 30s, coastal in the upper 40s.

We are starting out with 47 in SB and 39 in Santa Ynez. 

There is some low fog out there, some locations with 1/4 mile visibility.

Where it does exist, it should burn off quickly. Sunshine will warm us all up into the lower 70s.

Sunday will be a carbon copy of today, with the exception of a sundowner wind event for Santa Barbara.

Wind will pick up around sunset and warm us up a few degrees.

Monday, a weak system rolls though, and does nothing than a few degrees of cooling.

Tuesday looks like a mild Santa Ana wind event set up for Ventura and south. 

Dry weather prevails through Thursday. Friday there will be a chance for rain, as a cut-off lows is forecast to drop into the areas.

This can trigger some mountain showers over our hills. This is way too far out at this point, but any thought of rain is a bright spot.

Have a great weekend. Daylight savings time is only 3 weeks away at  March 8th. that’s great news because we turn the clocks ahead.

This means Jack may be able to stay awake at night until 9pm.

Have a great weekend.

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Your crew was excellent and you trained them well. They were great to work with. We are so glad we chose you to do our roof.
Bill Naumann