By Jack Martin on Feb 10, 2020 at 04:02 PM

Good Sunday morning, 

A weak weather system is working its way from the north. This will affect the weather for the day.

This is a cold system with very little moisture, but wind. You can see this moving north to south over land. 


You can see the little blob over the coast. This could produce some rain for us, but most likely Ventura south and in the mountains.

If we get anything, it should 1/10 or less. 

Possible even some wrap around moisture as the system goes south of us, then works it’s way back up.

Anyway you look at this, it is not going to help our drought state for the past 2 months.

Snow is possible on the grapevine as snow levels drop to 2000 to 3000 feet.

Monday night it all goes into the Baja and we go back to dry weather into Thursday.

Next Friday and into the weekend, it looks like some disturbances will work there way towards up.

We will have to see how they play out, but there is no confidence in the long range forecast at this point..... enjoy the cold winter weather.

if we get lucky we could see a dusting of snow on our local mountains .... Burr, I need a trip to warmth.

..... Hawaii 16 days and counting ....

Enjoy, another cold winter day... at least there is a pretty full moon set out there this morning.



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