By Jack Martin on Feb 03, 2020 at 04:09 PM

Good super Monday, 

I am sure none of us will be one of those 18 million people calling in sick today 😀.

If you are just waking up, walking outside is going to be a chilly experience.

It is 10 to 20 degrees cooler than Sunday. Frost in areas ..... the low pressure system did not deliver the winds here, but it will make for an HD view of the mountains and islands today. 

The winds will continue, then shift to the northeast where Santa Ana winds will blow in Ventura and south. 

Tuesday morning will be a cold start to the day, with lows below freezing in all valleys and 30s coastal.

Wednesday through the rest of the week will start a slow warm up, with no excitement with the weather. 

Looks like our next chance of rain is Sunday night into Monday of next week. Models are all over the board with this one being so far out.

We will hope for the low to be more over coastal waters where rain will be more likely.

In the meantime enjoy the cold weather, you will need to bundle up this morning.

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Your crew and the entire staff of Action are great! Thanks so much for helping us out.
Gerry & Ann