By Jack Martin on Feb 03, 2020 at 04:00 PM

Good Super Bowl Sunday,

Lots of 2s in the date today .... also what a super Saturday it was... 83 degrees at my house. It was quite a treat for February 1st. Our weather was better than Miami. 

Today as you wake up and look outside you can see and feel the difference if you live along the beach. The fog and onshore flow has moved in.

It is damp at my house this morning with dripping in my gutters. 


Today will start out nice after the fog clears, we will not see 80s, but 70s are likely with mid to high clouds.

As the day turns into the afternoon, the low to our north will really begin to affect the weather.

The system dropping out of the Gulf of Alaska is very cold. This and numerous other factors is going to give us a wind event that we will remember for some time. 


The last time we had an event like this was December 27th 2006, so that will tell you how rare this is. We had down trees and lots of damage. 

So, when will the winds arrive. That’s the million dollar question. The wind will increase north to south this afternoon, arriving in SLO around 3pm and SB around 5Pm.

Winds will start off less and increase as day turns to night. The strongest winds should blow between 8pm and 3am. Wind speeds will be wild in the mountains, with 80s and maybe 90s mile an hour gusts there. For us, Northwest faces will see 50 plus mile an hour gusts and up to 70 miles an hour. Everyone will see 30 to 40 miles an hour out there...... this of course leads to increased fire danger..... which brings me to the threat of power outages .... it would really be bad to have your electricity turned off during the super bowl.

I am glad I have a back up battery system..... power outages are not likely here in the city, but mountain areas are .... I checked the maps on Edison and there are no warnings at this point.

Monday, the winds will begin to die down, and leave us extremely cold Monday night. Lows along the coast will be in the 30s and mountains and valleys well below freezing.

Nights on Tuesday will likely only make it into the 50s. Quite the contrast to Saturday.

Wednesday through the week will be uneventful. Our next chance of rain is next Sunday, but it is not looking to be a strong system.

Enjoy the game today, I am hoping the wind stays away until late.


Today’s date is what’s called a Palindrome and it hasn’t happened in over 900 years. 

Thanks Garrett , that’s really interesting … here is a little more https://www.cnn.com/2020/02/02/world/palindrome-day-february-2-2020-intl-scli/index.html

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