By Jack Martin on Feb 03, 2020 at 03:54 PM

Good Saturday morning, 

It is going to be a Saturday to remember on Feb 1st 2020. High pressure is going to give us warm temps and some record highs today.

Highs everywhere should be 80s or close to it. With record highs , just a few days later we will have record lows.

A gulf of alaska storm will bring freezing temps Tuesday morning. 

I guess I jumped a few days, so let’s back up and talk about the forecast day to day.

Saturday, the warmest day year to date. Most locations will see 80s. 

Tonight, still warm with 40 to 50s in areas.

Super Bowl Sunday will also start off warm with off shore flow into the afternoon.

There is a strong cold Gulf of Alaska storm that will March our way....

This is going to bring cold air, and more so a big wind event .... looks like wind arrives on the central coast around game time and in SB around half time....

Out door viewing will turn indoors at that point.

Sunday night the wind is Game on... this is an event that can see damaging winds on coastal waters and mountains 60 to 80 mile and hour wind gusts will be felt.

Some wind prone mountain tops maybe more than 80 mile gusts ... 

For us, batten down the hatches, northwest wind prone locations like Jack’s and George’s house …. Will Rock before the Super Bowl is over. 

Monday wills start to subside and it just turns cold as heck. 

Monday night into Tuesday, record lows will be felt... 

We will go from one extreme to the other in 2 days ... so you ask what about rain or snow?

There is not much to talk about. This is a wind event, if and where rain occurs it will be 1/10 of an inch or less. 

Beyond Tuesday, we get into a gradual warm up with dry warmer weather through Friday.

No excitement beyond Tuesday. 

“To wrap it up... “

The Super Bowl will be exciting from a weather stand point, hopefully the game brings the same ..... 

Enjoy a great Saturday and a Super Sunday..... 

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