By Jack Martin on Jan 06, 2020 at 04:09 PM

Good Monday morning, 

The wind blew pretty hard last night. This morning when I went outside, it was quite a mess.

Winds today will die down in SB and transfer south to Ventura and wind prone Santa Ana locations.

Wind will begin to fall off on Tuesday, except for Santa Clara.

Wednesday will be fair with another low pressure system approaching. All systems of late have been inside sliders, which means the main low is inland and over land.

These produce wind and little to no rain. Thursday there is a slight chance of rain, but likely an inside slider again.

Friday will be dry, then Saturday, another system approaches. This is also looking like an inside slider.

This might be a little more west and produce some light rain. All in all we are in a dry period.

Looks like we might meet the average of a 19 day dry period in December or January. Don’t fear, the rains will be back. 

Have a good week as everyone and everything returns to normal for the first full week in 2020.


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