By Jack Martin on Jan 02, 2020 at 04:35 PM

Good Thursday morning,

Hope everyone had a good mid week New Years. A 1 day stop to work, now it is time to pick it up again.

The good news is this year is a leap year, so Christmas and New Years will land on a Friday in 2020.

Today the winds that picked up last night will lessen by the afternoon, then shift to the northeast over Ventura and south.

This is all that’s to a south to north jet pushing the fast moving clouds over us. Interesting satellite view.


Today and Friday we will see winds and off shore flow. This will allow us to warm up and by Friday we will see highs in the 70s.

Saturday, the ridge begins to break down in the afternoon and shift to onshore. This will allow a little fog to drift in.

Sunday off shore and winds return. This is a typical spring like pattern, but it is not spring.

Monday into Wednesday, we remain dry and sunny BUT, the long range forecast is starting to talk about rain coming back into the picture late Wednesday into Thursday of next week.

They are also hinting another wet upcoming pattern with possible series of systems to bring rain.

This part is all a ways out, so we do not focus on that right now. In the mean time we will have great weather. Enjoy the warm start to 2020

Happy New Year and it was a great start to a Duck’s win in the rose bowl. Their defense won the game for them.             

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Thank you! The new downspouts have completely stopped the drumming of drips when it rains!
Sonja Nelson