By Jack Martin on Dec 30, 2019 at 03:39 PM

Good Saturday morning, 

Around the holidays I really need to think, what day is this? 

Today and Sunday we will enjoy sunshine and cooler weather. Highs will be in the low 60s and lows around freezing in valleys, with low 40s coastal. 

The best news is the Grape vine is back open, freeways and surface streets will see lighter traffic, for 2 days at least.........

Yes, another even colder system arrives Sunday night. It does look like the Grapevine on the I5 will be closed again, creating a new year nightmare on the road again.

As far as rain and snow goes. The next system rolls in Sunday night. All models now finally agree on the track of the low.

If you like more rain and snow, then you will like what I have to say. 

Sunday night a cut off low drops down the coast and settles at point conception. This will allow increased rain totals for Southern California.

SLO will stick with the original .25 to .50. Santa Barbara will see .50 to 1 inch, and more in south facing mountains. Ventura and LA will see the most with .75 to 1.5 inches.

The bulk of the rain will be Sunday night into Monday first half of the day. 

Tuesday, New Year’s Eve day looks to be dry and a Santa Ana wind event begins to set up. With this there is good and bad news.

Winds in Ventura and Santa Monica will blow hard, but in protected areas like Santa Barbara and The Rose Bowl will only have warmer temps just in time for the game. 

The other news is we should see dry, and warm conditions the rest of the first week in January.  

Here is how it looks from the sky. 


If you need to travel on the road ways, Monday and Tuesday will not be good days from San Francisco to LA, and especially Santa Barbara.  As the interstate 5 will likely close again. 

I will bunker down and watch the Ducks from my 86 inch flat screen over looking the freeway traffic.

Enjoy your Saturday, more Sunday.

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