By Jack Martin on Dec 23, 2019 at 03:49 PM

Good Saturday morning, 

The day is here, no not Christmas, it is winter solstice. Amen for that. Every day will begin to get a little longer.

We have had a nice 2 week break from the rain, but that is almost over. You have 1 more dry day then we all get wet again. 

Here is the next system dropping from the north. 


Today high pressure will move south, but dry air will only allow us to see clouds today.

Models all agree on the rain for Sunday. Rain will start up around 4am in SLO then move south.

Rain will arrive 6 to 7am to SB. South facing mountains of Santa Barbara and Ventura will see the most rain from this event. 1 to 2 inches is likely.

Other coastal areas will all see 1/2 to 1 inch. Eastern areas will see the least, because this is more of a coastal event. 

Rain will turn to showers Sunday night. There will be showers here and there Monday.

Tuesday looks to be a great travel day with dry conditions. I will be off to Northern California.

Christmas Day and Thursday, the models are still all over the board with the next system on timing.

We will see rain later Christmas Day and sometime into Thursday.

The models keep changing at this point, so we really do not know when the rain will start.

It does look like Friday we clear up and return to dry weather.

More to come as we get into the Christmas week.

Enjoy the rain.

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Thank you for the good work. Let’s pray for rain so we can see that it works!
Adrianne Davis