By Jack Martin on Dec 16, 2019 at 06:02 PM

Good Monday morning,

We are coming off a Chilly and windy weekend in SB.

If you were paying attention to the wind direction, you would have noticed it shifted from the northwest to the northeast.

This will set up a Santa Ana wind event the next 2 days for Ventura to LA.

Winds are going to ramp up today and will blow at 60 miles an hour in the LA mountains.

The Santa Ana event will last throughout Tuesday.


Tuesday night a weather system moves in from the north. This will begin the rain chances.

It does appear now it will be an event that dies at Santa Barbara.

Rain should occur in northern SB county and SLO. South Santa Ynez will likely see some rain.

The weather system will run into the Santa Ana event and likely just break off winds and bring some higher clouds to Ventura and south.

For Santa Barbara, we are on the edge. If we get rain, it will not be a big event.

Thursday through Saturday we will see dry weather.

Saturday night, the next weather system rolls in bringing rain to SLO and moving south of us for rain Sunday.

Have a great week, more on Tuesday morning.


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