By Jack Martin on Dec 03, 2019 at 03:50 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

My weather spotters report rain on the pass and Refugio beach last night.

This was a result of the moisture plume spreading South as reported in yesterday’s forecast.

Only SLO and western SB county got a trace of rain. 

Today we will prepare for the next system. 

This low pressure system has been spinning around over northern California the past day and has moved south and west.


It is around 500 miles west of point conception. The position of the low is too far west and has pulled all moisture off shore for today.

This low will begin to move east this afternoon, then rain chances begin to increase.

Rain should stay away till at least 4 pm in SLO and western Santa Barbara counties.

Santa Barbara and areas south should see no rain until the over night hours.

Rain will start up north to south around midnight.  Arrive in SB around 3 am and LA just in time for the commute.

This will bring us moderate to heavy rain at times through mid afternoon Wednesday.

Then there remains a chance of showers the rest of the day.

Everyone will see .75 to 1.5 inches of rain. South facing areas like Santa Barbara hills will see around 3 inches.

Rates could exceed 1/2 inch per hour, at times.

This system will depart and leave us dry for Thursday and at least the first part of Friday.

Then, another system out of the north will bring more rain Friday night into Saturday.

This system will remain more to the north, creating less rain. Expect around 1/2 of an inch of additional rain.

We dry up Sunday and Monday. Then, we are hoping for a dry period so Jack can get some work done 😄.

We will see how next week shapes up, as we get further in this week. In the meantime, prepare for rain overnight. 

Burn areas might be affected with rain rates, if they go above 1/2 per hour.

This rain, however, should put the smoldering fire out for good.

Enjoy the day.


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Thank you for helping me on the phone with all my questions.
Patty Rogers