By Jamie Graham on Nov 29, 2019 at 04:28 PM

Good Friday Morning,

I hope everyone had a nice day off in the middle of the week. It was quite interesting weather for southern California. We typically don’t see snow and hail here.

Today as I woke up, I had to think about what day it is. “For me a work day”.

For all those Crazy people that are going shopping, you better dress warm. It is cold and windy out there.

Today we will only see highs in the 50s along the coast, and tonight quite cold, with Santa Ynez below freezing.

Temps are 15 to 20 degrees below normal. That means quite cold.

We still have a chance of rain or snow today, but will be quite scattered, with no more then ¼ of a inch where it does rain.

Cold cold again tonight. I even had to break down and turn on my heater. “Great job Brian at Beyond heating and Air it works great “ The forecast looks like another wet pattern ahead:


Saturday another chilly day, but mostly sunny…. Saturday later in the afternoon the rain chances return. Models have struggled with exactly where it will rain.

This system is tapping into a fetch of sub tropical moisture which will feed the low and cause rain. This means there will be an 80 mile stretch of rain, then elsewhere, no rain.

At this point, it does look to be aimed at the central coast. Santa Barbara is on the cuff. We will see what happens on Saturday morning. Here is how it looks from the sky:


Rain Saturday night for SLO and SB County, we will see how far south it goes, but Ventura and south will likely see no rain Sunday. Monday and Tuesday there will be rain somewhere. We just do not know where at this point. The moisture may push north of SLO or hang around ….

This is why the forecast shows a chance of rain everywhere, better safe than sorry…. I guess … it will be a warmer system Wednesday, however, we are looking at rain, all models are showing rain swinging through southern California.

Thanks for sharing Photos of all the interesting weather here and far.

Have a great Friday or extended weekend.

We will update Saturday morning.

Hope everyone enjoyed there Turkey , I know Guadalupe Did😊.


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