By Jack Martin on Nov 22, 2019 at 04:20 PM

Good Friday Morning, 

A great weekend of weather ahead, will be a present that we might not see for awhile.

A ridge will be over us through Monday, which will give us warm weather though Monday.


Tuesday, a cold low pressure system dips south out of the Barring Sea and Alaska. 

This will bring cold temps, rain and snow to the area as soon as Tuesday night.

This is going to be a very cold system with snow levels to 2500 feet.

This also means Thanksgiving travel may be a nightmare.

Snow is possible on the grapevine and flights into SFO could mean lots of delays.  

 “I am glad I am staying home for this one. “

Long range models are a good indicator of weather in the future, but the short range models will come out Monday.

This will be more accurate on timing and rain or snow totals. Looks like this will be the first good one of the year.

Since we have good weather this weekend, anyone putting up lights should do it this weekend.

….I will be ..... 

Enjoy the nice weekend weather highs in the 70s.

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Thank you for a job well done and for being such nice people that I knew I could trust. I am also very grateful for the senior discount. Thank you so much.
Muriel Taggart