10/23/19 Tuesday

By Jack Martin on Oct 23, 2019 at 04:06 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Is the heat getting to you? My goodness it was hot yesterday.

For hump day we will get a little break. Highs will be in the 80s with a few 90s.

Better than the 90s and 100s . Also the winds will tale off for the day.

Santa Ana wind prone areas will still have mild winds, but we take the wild off the table until Thursday.

For Santa Barbara, a summer heat wave continues. Calm winds the rest of the week and temps in the 80s through Saturday.

Sunday begins a cool down into The 70s.


Ventura, and points south. Enjoy today, because mild turns to wild on Thursday as another strong Santa Ana blows through.

Wind warnings are likely in areas for Thursday and Friday before they begin to calm. Highs will increase for you because of the winds compressing the air. This next event does not have a lot of cold air support, so that will help the wind speeds, but increase temps. Gusts regardless will be in at least the 50s for all of us.

The days are getting shorter and low pressure systems are beginning to drop further south.

This all means rain will be here soon. Not likely next week, but generally speaking we always see our first rain around Halloween.

That is next Friday.

Long range models are a shot in the dark, but history tells me we will see something wet by the first few weeks in November.

 In the meantime, enjoy a calmer Wednesday then bunker down areas Ventura and south for another windy ride with high fire danger.

Once again, you are up to date on the weather front.

Look at the Boathouse Tuesday night, so nice, but packed with people.


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