By Jack Martin on Oct 21, 2019 at 03:18 PM

Good Monday morning, 

It was a great summer like weekend and summer like conditions are going to continue all week. We are looking at 80s and 90s everywhere. 

The winds have been manageable along the coast, but the Montecito hills are still seeing 50 mile an hour wind through mid morning.

Winds are going to shift to Ventura and south as we set up for northeast winds and a Santa Ana event.

Looks like the first wave Monday and Tuesday will be mild, but a stronger wind event might take over Thursday and Friday.

The weekend does look to cool down some as a low passes thought. 

In a nut shell look for summer weather all week long with hot temps and mild evenings.

We will all be able to use all our patios and decks all week long for dinner and star gazing . 

Have a great week.



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