By Jack Martin on Oct 21, 2019 at 02:57 PM

Happy Friday, 

Windy Thursday night sparked one fire. It made for a rough commute to santa Ynez and north homes.

I watch the trail of headlights and break lights climbing the pass from my house. I am glad I was watching and not in it. 

Winds should die down today and through Saturday, but Saturday night they are back for another round into Sunday morning. 

Winds will then change to the south as a Santa Ana event begins. This will heat us up with temps in areas rising into the 90s  through Wednesday. 

The weekend will be at normal with 70s everywhere .... 

For all of you wondering about power shut offs due to fire, here is the website to bookmark.

After opening scroll to your county and click on your location, an always changing map will pop up. 


Note: power outages are really in the hills, we should not be affected if you live in the cities.

Last night I did look on the upper part of the pass and it looked like painted cave and areas around were dark, likely due to the power outage.

If you want to get in control of outages.... add solar with a back up battery system. 

Call Kirk at Action Energy.  Cell  805-896-3776  He will set you up, so your lights glow, when others see darkness 👍


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Thank you Action Roofing! On a ridiculously busy and rainy day like yesterday, I greatly appreciate you taking care of my client’s leaking roof. As a realtor, I make sure to always take care of my client’s needs before, during and after our transaction. It is wonderful to have a great company like Action Roofing to rely on to do the same! Thank you!!!
Kimberly Rockwell