By Jack Martin on Sep 25, 2019 at 03:07 PM

Good Wednesday morning,

Great show at the Bowl last night. Steely Dan was great, and the weather was even better. Love nights where it stays in the 70s throughout the show. 

FYI if anyone is looking for tickets to Rod Steward Saturday night, I have 4 center seat just over from the sound board.

I forgot we have a wedding to attend. If you are interested email me. I paid $205.00 each for them.

Now the weather .... 

Take a look at the low spinning down by the boarder of Mexico and CA and Arizona. 

This has come up from the south and will give the southern part of the state a good chance for rain today.

For us, this will not affect us at all, but it is interesting to see on the satellite, it looks like a little hurricane spinning. 


Coming back to our local area, we will see some big changes over the next 5 days. 

Mainly with high temps of the day. 

For today, it will still be a warm day. Especially in the valleys, with Santa Ynez hitting around 95. Coastal areas will cool to the mid 70s.

However, Gaviota is starting out at 76 right now because of down sloping winds.

If you were outside last night at 9pm you would have felt that warm breeze come up.

 I was at the County Bowl and felt the temps jump around 10 degrees. This was not due to the great crowd and show.

Even though Steely Dan was great, it was the down sloping winds compressing and heating up the surface temps. 

Today we have a mixed bag, with warm inland and some coastal fog for us. All being said we are in for a cool down starting Thursday. 

Thursday, we turn to a onshore flow. This will cool down temps for all. Coastal areas will remain in the lower 70s, but valleys will drop 10 to 15 degrees.

Coastal areas will see more marine influence and damp morning. The cooling trend will continue through the weekend. 

Friday, a low pressure system over Washington moves closer to us. This is going to give us a heavy marine layer and possibility of drizzle.

We will likely see fog most of the day. Saturday the same thing, fog and drizzle in the morning. 

Sunday we begin to rebound slightly, but temps will be cool with  some minimal warming.

Have a great day.

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