By Jack Martin on Sep 24, 2019 at 03:32 PM

Good Tuesday morning, 

Interesting weather this week. We will be all over the board. It is feeling and starting to look like Fall. 

Today, we will have a Santa Ana wind event mid morning in Ventura south. Even in Montecito hills. This will be short lived and will really do nothing more than heat up the day. Coastal areas and coastal valleys should be 10 to 20 degrees hotter than yesterday. Expect plenty of triple digits in areas like woodlands hills, and other coastal valleys.

SB will be in the upper 80s and low tonight of around 67. It should be a great night at the bowl to watch Steely Dan.

The Santa Ynez valley will be around 102 today with low of 56 tonight. That is almost a 50 degree swing!  


Wednesday, we should have the same conditions, but not as strong of an off shore flow.

There is also a system with some moisture drifting up from the south. This will create a 20% chance for rain in LA. It does not look like it will affect us.

Thursday will be cooler with low pressure beginning to move into the pacific northwest.

Friday more of the same, as the low pressure system starts to drop south. 

Now Friday night into Saturday is when we see the chance of drizzle or light rain. 20% to 40% . Regardless it will be cooler and damp in the morning with lots of fog. 

This is a system coming out of the north, Wednesday in LA out of the south. So you are not confused !!!

Changes and fall is in the air as we begin to see more of a fluctuation in temps and conditions through the week. 

Stay tuned, and see you at the Bowl tonight ….

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