Weekend Weather

By Jack Martin on Sep 16, 2019 at 03:19 PM

Was it hot enough for you yesterday? After a start of 60 degrees on Friday, the temp rose to 93 degrees in SB. This hot weather will continue through the weekend. 

We can sum up our weekend weather with 1 word, “🥵 Hot “!

Highs are going to be in the upper 80s coastal and close to triple digits in the valleys. 

Heat will begin to back off on Monday with low pressure bringing on shore flow and marine layer for the first half of next week. 

My Recomendation for today is the Beach. Me and Pearl will be there early for our weekend run. At least Pearl will be running, I will be there with my limp. 

Enjoy the heat.... summer weather is in high gear over Southern California. 

Since it is Saturday and I have a little more time then during the week, lets talk about El Nino chance.

It looks like we will have El Nino chance to be higher then normal through the fall, then becoming 50 to 55% chances for the first of the year.


I think we will have another average to above average year. Of course the first rain arrives right around Halloween.

Some 6 weeks away, this is usually on the lighter side. ¼ inch at best (normally).

The current water temp at Hendry beach is a nice 67 degrees. Perfect to cool off on what will be a hot day.


Right now it is low tide at the beach, so for the morning dog runners it is perfect. See you there in 30 minutes.


Have a great day!

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