Weekend Weather

By Jack Martin on Sep 13, 2019 at 03:44 PM

Good Friday morning,

This graphic pretty much spells it out.


This weekend is going to be Hot. Especially in Santa Ynez and all valley areas. Looks like you will top the triple digits.

Santa Barbara is going to be hot also with highs in the upper 80s during the day, with mild nights.

It might be fun to check out Elings park and the Hot air balloon and wine festivals Saturday from 5pm to 9pm.


Anything you do, it will be a great weekend in Santa Barbara and at the Beach. If you live in the valleys, a pool or lake is the better spot.

The entire weekend will be on the warmer side. Monday, we start to transition into a cool down where low pressure moves into the north.

We will likely see some fog and possibly drizzle on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Out in the southern Pacific, there are lots of tropical stuff brewing, the good news is most of the Action is over the Ocean.


We will  have to watch the system furthest to the south, this one might hug the Coast more. This is still a good week away from knowing where it will affect.

Ok, enjoy your weekend!

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